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We have implemented several quality control features that will insure all inspections and property preservation orders are of the highest quality. Our system is designed to automatically detect errors and discrepancies. It checks the history files for inconsistencies to ensure the correct property has been inspected.

In bad address situations, inspectors are required to research the address further. If we are still unable to locate the property, a request is sent to our customer for a Legal Description, Survey, Plat Map, or missing unit number. Properties found to have address changes or corrections are reported to our customers via memo or end of month master report. This alerts our customer to make the necessary changes in their system.

Reports are regularly prepared for our clients. Among the most common reports are First Time Vacancies, Damaged Properties, Incorrect Addresses, Unsecured Properties, Violations, and Fast Track Reports. The content and frequency of these reports are tailored to our clients’ need.

In addition, in-house management reports allow us to keep track of the time it takes to complete inspections, property preservation work and invoicing. We use these reports to monitor progress of our field representatives, as well as to maintain a high level of service.